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Photo Gallery

2019 Photo Albums

Fire and Grace in Ireland 3-08-2019 by David Day

Pier Opening Party 5-05-2019 by David Day

First Pier BBQ of 2019 by Denise Foderaro

Disco Wonderland Party 5-24-2019 by David Day

SYC Aboard Leight Star June 10-12, 2019 by Denise Foderaro

Humma Humma Party 2019 by David Day

Humma Humma 2019 by Denise Foderaro

Youth Water Sports Week 1 by Denise Foderaro

Youth Water Sports Week 2 by Denise Foderaro

Swingin' with the Rat Pack 7-14-2019 by David Day

Youth Water Sports Week 3 by Denise Foderaro

Thursday Night Sailing 7-18-2019 by Denise Foderaro

SYC Aboard Dream Catcher 2019 by Denise Foderaro

Youth Water Sports Week 5 by Ralph Thompson

Santanarama-Shields Regatta by Denise Foderaro

Santanarama-Shields Regatta by Dave Gellatly

Surfin' - Beach Boys Tribute by David Day

Labor Day Regatta 2019 by Denise Foderaro

Pirates! Dinner 2019 by Judy Furman

Lobster Fest 2019 by Denise Foderaro

Last Pier BBQ of 2019 Season by Denise Foderaro

Commodores Ball 2019 by David Day

Commodore's Ball 2019 by Denise Foderaro

Commodore's Reception 2019 by Paul Hoffman

2018 Photo Albums

St. Patrick's Day Feast 3-17-2018 by David Day

Pier BBQ #1 5-06-2018 by David Day

Lunch Aboard Diamond Seas 5-17-2018 by David Day

70th Anniversary Pier Opening 5-24-2018 by David Day

More 70th Anniversary Pier Opening by Dave Gellatly

Youth Sailing 2018 Session 2 by Ralph Thompson

Humma Humma Party 6-29-2018 by David Day

Pier BBQ #3 7-14-2018 by Dixie Smith

Ports of Call Dinner 7-22-2018 by David Day

Santanarama Aug 4-5, 2018

Summer of Love 1967 Party  8-31-2018

Summer of Love Party Video

Roundup at Indian Village 9-08-2018 by Ralph Thompson

Lobster Fest 10-14-2018 by Dixie Smith

Commodore's Ball 11-09-2018 by David Day

More Commodore's Ball by Dave Gellatly

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